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Please see Section 2 for Terms of Engagement of working with Videos Productions

Section 1:


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Section 2:

Terms of Engagement

This agreement is between the Client and Videos Productions. This is a legally binding agreement, setting out the terms and conditions upon which Videos Productions will supply services. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, these Terms of Engagement will apply upon commencement of your project.

1       Defined Terms

” Videos Productions “: Refers to Goal Investments Ltd and/or AJB Consulting NZ Ltd (trading as Videos Productions), the Party who is providing work for the Client.
“Client”: Refers to the Party receiving work from Videos Productions, generally yourself or your company.
“Agreement”: Agreement refers to this general agreement between the two Parties (Videos Productions and the Client) for the associated Project, comprising the Terms of Engagement as defined in this agreement in accordance with the work to be undertaken on the Project, alongside any associated documentation provided by Videos Productions.
“Party(ies)”: The Party, or the Parties, refers to either Videos Productions and/or the Client.
“Project”: Refers to the job contracted out by the Client to Videos Productions (whether paid or pro bono), as outlined in the quote, estimate, or any other documentation (whether verbal or expressly written) for which this Agreement is based.
“Fees”: Fees refer to the fees for services quoted, as well as additional fees, or any other fees (whether fixed or variable), and fees to cover unexpected costs. Fixed fees refer to those quoted for a fixed amount of work as quoted, whereas variable fees refer to fees relating to an unspecified amount of work yet done and are subject to change.
“Code”: Refers to all back-end content, software, and technologies used and/or created by RIVER for the Project.

“Online Service(s)”: Refers to any online service outlined in the Project that Videos Productions is providing to the client under the Agreement.
“Intellectual Property (IP) Rights”: Intellectual Property Rights refers to patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, design rights, copyrights, database rights and other Intellectual Property rights whether registered or unregistered including applications for the grant of such right.
“Service Provider”: Refers to third party service providers such as camera men, editors, voice actors etc that Videos Productions may engage.

2       Engagement of Videos Productions

  1. The Client engages Videos Productions to perform, and Videos Productions agrees to provide, the services set out in this Agreement on the terms and conditions set out in these Terms of Engagement.
    b. An Agreement is formed when Videos Productions receives the approval for the Project and this associated Agreement from the Client, or an appointed representative.

3       Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Nothing in this agreement entitles either Party to use the other Parties name, logo, trademark, or other Intellectual Property (IP) in any way without written consent from the other Party.
  2. Videos Productions has the right to advertise work it has completed for the Client and add the Project to its portfolio and list of case studies, as well as the right to add a small link to Videos Productions within any online services.

4       Ownership

  1. In regards to production and filming, Videos Productions agrees that the Client shall retain ownership of manual processes specific and unique to the Client (such as the way they interact with their clients). This does not give the Client any ownership or IP rights over any IP owned by Videos Productions.
  2. The Client owns all graphics and photos pertaining to the Client itself, such as on location photos of their store(s) or related property, their logo, and modifications to their logo or any other content they provide (up to the point where the modifications leave the content applicable to the Client).


5       Confidentiality

  1. The Client agrees they will not pass any of Videos Productions IP including but not limited to graphics, photos, and any other code/technologies used or created by Videos Productions for purposes of the Project, to any other vendors (that are not part of Videos Productions) without written authorisation from Videos Productions, and understand there may be commercial or financial damages for doing so.
    b. Videos Productions agrees to keep any sensitive information or content provided by the Client strictly confidential (unless it is obliged under law to reveal such information), with the exclusion of the price and package as detailed in the Agreement.

6       Fees, Invoicing & Payments

  1. All fees (whether fixed or variable) relating to the Project to be paid by the Client are set out in the Agreement for the Client, and are exclusive of both GST, and fees for additional services outside of the scope of the Project unless otherwise stated. Videos Productions agrees to abide by all fixed fees agreed upon in the Agreement while working on the Project within scope, though reserves the right to review and update variable fees from time to time.
  2. For all weekly payment schedule agreements, payments are to be received by Wed morning 9am to Account #02-0110-0128849-000
    b. Videos Productions may charge the Client expenses incurred in relation to the Service, including all reasonable out-of-pocket costs (such as airfare, hotel, car rental and copying of documents).
    c.         Unless agreed otherwise, a minimum non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total Project fees is required for Videos Productions to begin work on the Project, with periodic balance instalments to be paid in advance for each phase of the Project to be completed. Videos Productions also requires all fees for the Project be paid in full before the Client’s product is delivered, unless otherwise agreed.
    d.         If payments are not made to Videos Productions within 7 days of an invoice, unless otherwise stated or agreed, Videos Productions has the right to stop all work immediately and obtain full ownership of the Project and all related content which Videos Productions is, and has been, working on for the Project, refer the client to a debt collector with all collection costs added to the balance.
    f.          Any fees not paid to Videos Productions by their due date are subject to late penalties, and Videos Productions has the right to take further actions to claim said funds.

7       Disputes

  1. If any dispute arises relating to, or in connection with, the Agreement which both Parties are unable to resolve through their respective CEOs (or equivalent positions) within 30 days of the dispute arising, then the dispute shall undergo a 30 day period of mediation. After this further 30 days, if the matter has not yet been resolved it shall be referred to the arbitration of a single arbitrator (unless both parties have reached an agreement). Such arbitration shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996.

8       Limited Liability

  1. The Client agrees that Videos Productions is not liable to the Client or any other Party for any failure to provide any third party service, whether arising from a Service Provider, a failure due to actions of the Client (such as delayed payments, inappropriate or missing content), or otherwise.
    b. The Client agrees that Videos Productions shall not be liable in any way for any damages, loss of business, or any other effects or losses due to clause 7 (a) above, whether directly attributable or incidental to such action.
    c.         The Client agrees to indemnify Videos Productions against any claim or legal action resulting from the content of the Clients material, or any other actions of the Client.
  2. Videos Productions agrees to indemnify the Client against any claims or legal action taken against Videos Productions not relating to the Client.

9       Term & Termination

  1. By signing this Agreement or by confirming in writing and by paid deposit, the Client signifies their unconditional agreement to all terms and clauses as stated within this Agreement and in accordance with any associated documentation. This Agreement shall be valid as long as the Client is in any form of business with Videos Productions, which includes on-going hosting, or the Client’s using of content created or used by Videos Productions for the Project.
    b. Either Party can terminate this Agreement on reasonable grounds by providing one (1) month written notice not in violation of Clause 3, 4 and 5 above (ie, if the Client is using content created or used by Videos Productions for the Project). The Client agrees that upon their voluntary termination of this agreement, Videos Productions has no obligation to provide the Client with any content relating to their Project, nor refund any deposit(s) paid to Videos Productions for the Project.
    c.         Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, the Client agrees to abide by Clauses 4, 5, and 6, in that they will not provide any content created or used by Videos Productions at any date to any outside parties without written consent.
    d.         Schedules are based on timely communication, and any delays in feedback, content, or payment will cause a delay in project completion and adjustment of the enclosed project plan. Any additional ideas or requests from either party will be noted for future updates, and will incur additional fees accordingly.

10     Acceptance

The Client and Videos Productions have caused this Agreement to be executed by their duly authorised representatives. All terms and conditions of the Agreement, unless specifically amended herein, shall remain in full effect.