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July 2018

How to Light Your Shots – Videos Productions Tutorial

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How to Light Your Video Shots

In this tutorial, we show you how we shoot in different light settings such as full daylight, night time, indoors etc. it is important to show yourself clearly just as much as t is to sound yourself properly. here is the tutorial.

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Converting Leads Through Video on Social Media

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Why Posting Videos On Social Media is so Important

We have posted this video on social media a while ago and it had reached 624 views. Now that is nothing to write home about. What we must remember though is that we’re talking a video that promotes a business. this is not a prank video or a cute puppy video that will go viral the moment you post it.

Here, we’re talking a video that delivers the message to your target market in such a way that it generates inquiries for your business from qualified prospects. Here is a screen capture we made to show you some of these results

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Types of Shots For Your Video – Videos Productions Tip

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Videos Productions Tip – How To Do Different Shots

How you frame and take your shots while filming makes a dramatic difference to how your audience views your video and the information you are trying to convey. We go over a few different ways to get the best effect for your video and how to apply this in your ongoing filmmaking.

  1. Medium range shots – Zoom vs. Close camera placement
  2. Close up shots
  3. Long – Full body shots

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Clear Sound For Your Videos – Videos Productions Tip

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Record A Clear sound For All Your Videos

We created this tutorial to show you how you can easily record your videos with clear sound. Here it is:

How to Record Clear Sound For Your Videos

Sound is one of the most important elements of your video. If you are not heard properly on your video then your message is not clear and your viewers will switch off.

Here are some options to get clear sound on all your videos:

  1. Use your camera microphone. Good for indoor shooting only, as if you are using it outdoors you may get wind or any other environmental sound that would interfere with the sound of your voice. Having said all that, even when using it indoors it is not as 100% clear as the sound generated by the lapel mic.
  2. Use your cellphone headset. When you buy a cellphone it always comes with a complimentary headset. You may connect the headset to your phone and start recording voice through your voice recorder app on your phone while it is attached to your shirt collar. The headset looks like this: 
  3. Use the rec Forge App with a lapel mic. You can find the rec forge app on the google play store. You can install the free version or buy the paid version for $4.92USD. Once you have the app on your phone you need to adjust a few settings on it.  Here is a link to a video tutorial showing you how to adjust those settings so that you can record top-quality sound.
  4. Record sound separately from video and then put everything together in editing.

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